We produce quality wear for the next era, which means finding new, more sustainable ways to produce. This is our top priority. We try to take a leading role in this, inspiring other brands to follow us when it comes to sustainable production. This is why we are 100% transparent about every step of the production chain. Our ultimate goal is to be the number one sustainable jeans & lifestyle brand in the world!

We produce quality products that are long lasting, durable pieces. We stimulate people to be selective in what they buy and to wear their clothing for more than just a season or two.

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)
social report 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
AGT Action Plan

AGT moves beyond audits + trainings (FWF)
FWF is organizing audits and trainings through their country and audit team.
AGT is not an audit / training organization
AGT sets targets and commitments brands must follow – taking responsibility – be transparent. Showing what goes wrong and right. What could be better, what could go different
FWF is ‘grading’ a brand. AGT wants their signatories to be comply with certain set goals but does not give a grade to a brand and their way of working
Both initiatives organize trainings and workshops


Open Apparel Registry (OAR), is a website which holds an open map of global apparel facilities. This registry helps improve data quality and reliability and will provide us with the opportunity to easily identify which other companies are sourcing from the same factory.
It also shows our further commitment to transparency. It allows us to collaborate better with civil society in identifying, assessing and avoiding actual or potential adverse human right impacts.
In order to increase our effectiveness as a company, getting our production location list is very valuable.