Word from our founder

Pioneering sustainability since day one.

Kings Of Indigo was founded in Amsterdam in 2011. Though we’ve been leading the industry towards change for a decade, it is in the last five years that our drive for a better fashion industry has come to fruition. We have stood at the forefront of some great sustainable innovations. From low impact dye to fully recycled fabrics, waterless washes to even biodegradable stretch denim. We were the first brand to bring blockchain tracing technology to denim (thanks to Calik Denim x AWARE), and today we can claim 100% transparency on every single garment, from crop to closet. Sustainability is a popular claim but being truly sustainable requires a holistic approach. It’s not a set of tactics, it’s a state of mind.

For a long time now, our 5 pillars of sustainability have pinpointed all the areas we take into account; from planet friendly materials to less water wastetransportwaste management and fair working conditions.

They guide us, and our Retraced technology means the fruits of our labor are out there for all to see. We want to encourage consumers to passionately engage when buying clothes, to consciously choose high quality items that look good and feel great. The favorites from your closet that last a lifetime.

'Together, we’re part of a revolution. Together, we are making change happen. ‘Doing It Right’ is our pledge, to do right by the planet and those we share it with. To do right by you. That means: no humans nor animals harmed, and every garment made with a conscience.'