Code of Conduct

When Kings of Indigo was founded, the objective was clear; to produce clothing in a sustainable way both socially and environmentally, without compromising on quality. Since then, what it means to be ‘sustainable’ has evolved and become more intricate, and the future promises further changes.

We ensure that the people who make our products are treated with fairness and respect. We collaborate with factories, we bear the responsibility of providing a safe, fair and ethical working environment. We are appreciative and respectful to all workers who are involved in making our products. Without the people we work with we could not create all unique products. Starting from the cotton field, to the mills, factories, laundries, we are appreciative of the professional, dedicated and skilled people who are taking part into making our products. The textile industry is an incredible labor-intensive industry where many factors are involved and we as a brand take responsibility for all our actions.

We have recently been working on the Code of Conduct, which is the Agreement of labor rights and working environment. Each source that works with us needs to sign and comply with the Code of Code. The Code of Conduct applies to all parts of the production chain, to our suppliers and their sub-contractors. The criteria are based on the regulations by International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Fair Wear Foundation.

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