What does K.O.I do with old stock?

At K.O.I, we believe that the future of sustainable production lies in upcycling. That’s why we have started our #reusetheblues competition years ago, where we send out old K.O.I denim once a year to everyone who is interested in getting creative and creating something new & amazing out of our old denims! 

Curious? Have a look at the past years’ results here

What does 100% recycled mean?

We have a whole collection dedicated to 100% recycled styles. We reuse waste cotton and yarn waste to save water and CO2 emissions required to grow new cotton.

 Discover our 100% recycled collection here. Why waste a good thing?

How sustainable are my K.O.I jeans?

Our collection is made of 95% sustainable materials. The non-sustainable materials for example, are elastane, found in stretch denims. However, as we are always working on becoming even greener, we have recently developed our very own & unique Bio-Stretch denim. This jeans line is made of the world’s first 100% biodegradable stretch using a 100% renewable plant-based, natural rubber yarn. 

Find our Bio-stretch denims here

Are all K.O.I products vegan?

Since 2019, all K.O.I jeans are officially 100% vegan! All leather patches have been replaced with vegan alternatives. Due to the recycled wool, we sporadically use, our apparel collection is 'only' 98% vegan. We hope to have a sustainable vegan alternative by 2022 which means we would be completely PETA approved. Find our vegan friendly collection here.

Where can I find more extensive information about how sustainable K.O.I acts in all its processes?

Please find our full sustainability report here

How does K.O.I ensure full transparency in all processes?

We now officially offer you complete transparency when it comes to our product journeys, from cotton to consumer. It’s all thanks to ‘Retraced’, a new technology that maps out a brand's full supply-chain, ruling out any and all greenwashing. That’s next level transparency and it’s much needed with all the false claims about sustainability in the fashion industry today.

Retraced is developed to help consumers make better choices. It documents every single stakeholder in the supply chain so we can streamline processes, locate risks, monitor sustainability and ultimately gain trust. 

What does K.O.I do to keep the impact on the environment as small as possible when shipping orders?

Moving from biodegradable to reusable and recyclable packaging

We want to offer a valuable contribution to the EU's circular economy. Which is why we are moving from biodegradable packaging that leave no trace at the end of their lifecycle, to fully reusable and recyclable packaging that can be used again and again.


European regulations in the field of packaging and waste inspired us to make this adjustment and we are happy with the changes made. Circularity is a huge focal point for us and this is another step in our development. A new life to old packaging. Because why waste a good thing?

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