Kings of Indigo signs the Transparency Pledge

On the 12th November, we signed the Transparency Pledge, an initiative led by the Clean Clothes Campaign in association with the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textiles. Other signing members included Okimono, Alchemist, Marlies Dekkers, Kuyichi, WE Fashion, Schijvens Corporate Fashion and HEMA. G Star Raw, Zeeman and Esprit had signed the pledge earlier.

By signing this, we committed to furthering our cause of being a 100% transparent company. The Transparency Pledge asks signing members to provide extensive details about their production locations, such as: the address of the location, what work is done at the location, the number of workers, the number of female employees. This is required to be updated twice a year.

With this information, the Clean Clothes Campaign can have an easily accessible database to consult if and when there are complaints from the production locations and be able to deal with them efficiently. This Transparency Pledge is one step closer to greater openness in the fashion industry and is crucial to ensure a safer, fairer and happier work environment for those working in it.

There is resistance in the fashion industry to share suppliers and production locations for fear of other brands taking business from one another. The safety of our workers is of a greater importance than having ‘stolen business’. The brands who make up the sustainable fashion industry need to act as pioneers and lead the way to change, and we hope that our step will inspire others.

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