Our Blue Friday Initiative

This year has seen the biggest backlash against fast fashion's most important date in the calendar; Black Friday. And we are also making a stand.

We fundamentally disagree with purchases made under pressure and based solely on their low prices.
So this weekend, we want to focus our efforts to making the planet a little bit better for all.

As well as the environmental and social impact, our commitment to sustainability includes respect we have with our suppliers, retailers and consumers.

With the holidays and sale season just around the corner, partaking in Black Friday would be unjust. 
At Kings of Indigo, we are always striving to save water in the production process where possible. This Blue Friday, we have partnered up with Made Blue to provide safe drinking water to the people who need it most. 

For every sale we make this weekend, Made Blue will match us with clean water which will then go on to help those who need it most.
So if we sell one jean, Blue Made will be able to donate almost 100,000 litres of water, which would allow 4,300 people to drink safely!

Or think about this; one t-shirt is equal to 33,300 litres of water, which means 33 children in less developed countries would have access to drinking water at school for a whole year.

The numbers speak for themselves, wouldn’t you say?

It’s unrealistic for us all to renounce our material objects, and not useful to feel guilty for having privileged lives. But what we hope to encourage is a slower mindset when it comes to consumption. Be critical of the brands you love, be curious about the production process, the materials used, the living conditions of those who make your clothes.

Quality wear for the next era, and every garment made with a conscience.

Update: we were able to donate 42,000,000 litres of fresh drinking water to those who need it through Made Blue!

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