What does water mean to you?

World Water Day is near. Never heard of it? We’re sure it has passed many by without a second thought since it began in 1993. But for K.O.I, it’s key to what we do. So we wanted to tell you a little bit about water, so you can appreciate the lifestuff too… 

It’s only natural that we in the West would take for granted something that runs as freely as, well, water. The average person in Europe showers at least once per day, and a third of people claim that two showers is their minimum. And to stay healthy we are advised by doctors to drink 3 liters of water per day. We are incredibly fortunate that in our culture, we can achieve that - even if we often fall short. 

Others are not so lucky. 

  • 884 million people in the world lack access to safe water supplies.
  • More than 840,000 people die each year from water-related disease.


  • About 95% of water that enters our homes goes down the drain.
  • A garden hose or sprinkler can use almost as much water in an hour as an average family of four uses in one day.
  • Nearly 20 percent of global wastewater is produced by the fashion industry.

That last statistic hits home big-time with Kings Of Indigo. As a planet-friendly company, a brand which has been ‘sustainable since day one’, water is the stuff of life - both for each of us as people, and for our future as a company. 

In fact, Water Use it’s the second pillar on our K.O.I Five Pillars of Sustainability. To grow cotton for just one conventional denim, almost 7000 liters of water is needed. With every collection, we look for ways to minimize our impact working with credentials and measuring tools like Jeanologia’s EIM. We can currently share that the scores for more than half of all jeans we make are labelled medium impact, and half of the women's denim have no or low impact. For men's denim this is 42%. None of the styles are labelled high impact!

But World Water Day is an opportunity for us to think a little deeper, to look at what we’re already doing, yes, but also push us further. This conversation is about what water means to us, and what it means to you. We hope that you’ll join us in thinking about our water waste, and how we can better save that stuff of life. 

It’s on March 22nd, by the way! 

‘By recording - and celebrating - all the different ways water benefits our lives, we can value water properly and safeguard it effectively for everyone.’ - WorldWaterDay.org 

What does water mean to you? 

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