Where do we sign? The Denim Deal!

It takes 8,000 litres of water to make a typical pair of jeans. The emissions from the textile industry worldwide every year are more than all the emissions from sea and air travel together. That’s not only devastating for the environment, it’s embarrassing to every brand who works in fashion. Enter: The Denim Deal. A Dutch pledge to reform and recycle jeans. Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Kings Of Indigo, along with a selection of the most conscious parties in denim, has signed the Dutch State Secretary Van Veldhoven (circular economy and environment)’s Denim Deal this month. Authored by House Of Denim, this is a pledge to reuse more old denim garments.

“The Dutch ‘Denim Deal’ sets industry standards for sustainability: committing to ‘closing the loop’ with new post-consumer recycling solutions. We want to set a new standard for the jeans industry by joining this initiative.” - Margreeth Dronkert, CSR Manager

We, and a selection of 30 brands in the Denim Deal—which also includes Scotch & Soda, MUD Jeans and Kuyichi—have agreed to produce three million jeans garments containing at least 20% recycled textiles. We will work together towards the standard of at least 5% recycled textile in all denim garments as quickly as possible.

“The strength of this Denim Deal lies in the fact that all parties involved in the making and processing of a denim garment will participate, from production companies, brands and retailers, but also collectors, sorters, cutters and weavers. We are initiating a change in the entire chain.” - Stientje van Veldhoven, Dutch State Secretary

The Denim Deal is a blueprint for making garments made from other materials more sustainable, and at the finale of each year, we will contribute to a report: the results so far, and how we can still move forward. 

This is another real step forward in our commitment to a brighter, greener future, for the world of blue. Join us on this journey, and support your favorite sustainable brand.

A-Z Denim Deal Coalition Partners:
Amsterdam Econ. Board 
Blue Matters
Brightloops - Loop. a Life 
Gemeente Amsterdam 
Gemeente Zaandam 
Gemeente Haarlem 
House of Denim
Kings of Indigo
Leger des Heils (Salvation Army) 
Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management
MUD Jeans 
Netherlands Consulate General in Istanbul
Retail Experts Group
Scotch & Soda Smart 
Wieland Textiles

Find out more: www.denim-deal.nl

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