Our second pillar of sustainability, Water Use, is one with difficulties given that the denim industry is incredibly water intensive - to grow cotton for just one conventional denim, almost 7000 liters of water is needed. With every collection, we look for ways to minimize our impact. 

Since SS20, we have started with a new technology from Jeanologia called EIM: Environmental Impact Measuring.

The EIM score is awarded per denim based on:

    • Water consumption
    • Energy consumption
    • Chemical use
    • Impact on worker's health

The scale ranges from low to high and is relating to the garment's finishing process, not the whole production process. The lower the score, the less impact it has and therefore a cleaner jean.


We are improving on this technology every season, and we can currently share that the scores for more than half of all jeans are labelled medium impact, and half of the women's denim have no or low impact. For men's denim this is 42%. None of the styles are labelled high impact!

For the upcoming collections it is our goal to implement this technology at all of our laundries and have full transparency about this for every product on our website.