What does 100% recycled mean?

We have a special collection dedicated to 100% recycled styles. For these items we use a combination of pre- and post-consumer recycled cotton. This decreases the need for newly grown cotton and environmental impact, such as water use and GHG emissions. 

Discover our 100% recycled collection here

What makes my Kings Of Indigo jeans sustainable?

We believe in a holistic approach to sustainability. This means we make high-quality jeans, use low-impact materials and processes, assure fair practices in factories we work with, make efforts towards a circular economy and are transparent along the way. Read more about it on our sustainability pages

Are all Kings Of Indigo items vegan?

Since 2019, all Kings Of Indigo jeans are officially 100% vegan! We have eliminated all leather-based materials from our production, our jeans contain a jacron backpatch. Besides, virgin animal-based fibers are a no-go. We do however offer a small range of products which contain recycled wool. 

Wool is a very durable material, with body temperature regulating and antibacterial properties that in general need less home laundering. Luckily, wool is very suitable for recycling, which has been done for a long time already. This gives us the opportunity to work with this great material, but with a lower impact on the environment compared to virgin wool. 

Where can I find more extensive information about how sustainable K.O.I acts in all its processes?

Discover our latest CSR report with all information here. 

How does Kings Of Indigo ensure full transparency in all processes?

For a clear and trusted insight we are partnered up with Retraced. Read all about it on our Transparency page. :) 

What does Kings Of Indigo do to keep the impact on the environment as small as possible when shipping orders?

You can read all about that on ourclean transport page!

The purpose of packaging is to protect your favorite KOI items before they arrive at your doorstep. We did however already eliminate the plastic packaging for al dark and black denims. For all other products we use 100% recycled polybags. 

 Don't hesitate to reach out to us in case you have any remaining questions.

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