Clean transport  

Made close to home, our garments travel by boat and truck only.

100% Carbon neutral

All of our direct transport is 100% carbon neutral. Textile production makes for 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 a year (Co2 = carbon dioxide). That’s more emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping together. 2020 resulted in 22.23 tonnes of CO2 for us. And although we steer clear of air freight for our business, this would translate to 58x an economy flight from Amsterdam to Rome. Here’s how we compensate.


A big chunk of our emissions come from transport (samples going back and forth, production orders, webshop deliveries etc.). So, like other planet friendly brands such as Dopper, Seepje and Tony’s Chocolonely, we teamed up with Goodshipping. An initiative that decarbonises a company's supply chain by replacing fossil fuels with truly sustainable alternatives, using the mass balance principle. As a result, our whole supply chain (air, road and ocean) will be decarbonized. In collaboration with Goodshipping, we shifted away from fossil fuels, tackling the problem at its roots. To be certified by Goodshipping means meeting strict industry standards, verified by independent auditors.

DHL GoGreen

For all packages sent from our head office to our suppliers we choose the DHL Go Green option to neutralize CO2 emissions from outbound shipments. We pay € 0.10 extra for each shipment and DHL invests this money in sustainable projects.


Transport from our warehouse in Emmen to the doorstep of our customers is done by DPD. These shipments are all compensated by investments in renewable energy and clean energy generation projects.