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Here is what we’ve done to protect ourselves, our partners and you, our customers, during corona

Clean fashion has never been more relevant. The choices we make through Covid-19, will change where we go next. With sustainability becoming a ‘trend’, we call on everybody to practice what they preach.


During lockdown, we spoke with our retailers regularly, to find out how we could help them survive uncertain times. Turns out, by pushing back the Sale period we can offer them some breathing room as stores reopen. Which is why our Sale period will not start until August. 


We want to allow stores the time to promote summer-ready clothing throughout summer and have been curious to see if selling clothing in the season they were made for, can prevent waste. So now, as Covid-19 challenges us to reinvent our way of working, we’re pushing back the calendar.

“We’ve been talking about this change for as long as I have been working in the industry. Now it’s happening for reasons we could not have foreseen. We will deliver autumn / winter when autumn actually begins.”  - Tony Tonnaer, Founder  (Read the full interview)


During lockdown we worked with a hygienic system in which max. two people could be in the office to work on product and packaging (fully equipped with disinfectant), while the rest stayed home.As our office reopens for business, we maintain a clean and distanced environment.
To keep his kids occupied during lockdown, our founder Tony Tonnaer dug up some cool graphics for them to color in. You can download them here - who knows when you might need a distraction.


We don’t travel to production locations and only communicate with our suppliers digitally for now. We had these structures already in place. Great CO2 reduction.
We knew that supporting our supply partners in Europe was essential as many factories are facing bankruptcy due to this crisis. We did not cancel a single order from our AW20 collection.
As things return to a ‘New Normal’, we aim to visit our suppliers at least two times a year, to check production. Weekly online sessions with our suppliers keep the connection going. 


We consult stakeholders such as Fair Wear, CNV International and Mondiaal FNV. Their experts on site help us to get a better view in a specific country or region. It’s more important than ever to stay connected. 


Our safety - and the safety of everybody along the chain - has been guided by WHO regulations. We created a Covid19 – Safety Operational Measures guide for all workers. The factory management sent us pictures as proof that they met all safety standards of WHO, no exceptions.

 --Is your favorite brand being transparent about their Covid-19 policies?
 You have a right to know.