By 2025, our goal is to have a collection made 100% from recycled and/or man-made materials in order to reduce reliance on the earth’s natural resources. Our latest jacket collection is one step closer to achieving that goal.

PET Jackets brand Image

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year, it is a pretty well-known fact that there is too much plastic on this planet. For example: there are 51 TRILLION pieces of plastic in the ocean right now and experts say that by 2050, 99% of seabirds will have plastic in their stomachs.

Plastic is used worldwide in countless industries for countless things, and it most definitely serves a purpose. It is very strong, it is water, chemical and thermal resistant and it can last a long time – too long in fact since it takes about 450 years for a plastic bottle to self-decompose.

These qualities are what make plastic a material we like to work with, recycled plastic that is. This season, we present a full jacket collection for both men and women made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), including the shell, lining and filling.

The process

  1. First the bottles are collected, dried and cut into little chips.
  2. These chips are heated and pushed through a spinneret to form yarns.
  3. This yarn is wound up in spools.
  4. The fiber is passed through a fiberizing machine to create a fluffy texture.
  5. The yarn is then baled, dyed and knitted into a polyester fabric.
The Filling
In line with our sustainability values, the jackets are also vegan options for winterwear since the lining is not made with traditional down feathers but instead also with recycled PET from the Primaloft Gold Series. Primaloft is a well know mark of quality and they use high performance technologies to produce lightweight, durable and animal friendly products created in a sustainable way.
The Outcome
  • 100% Recycled PET
  • Vegan
  • Water repellant
  • Can keep you warm up to -15 degrees
  • Doesn’t require special dry cleaning
  • You also look pretty damn cool







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