Retraced: Next level transparency

Ready to put an end to greenwashing? Click on the video to find out more!

We’re doing it right and now we can prove it.

We now officially offer you complete transparency when it comes to our product journeys, from cotton to consumer. It’s all thanks to ‘Retraced’, a new technology that maps out a brand's full supply-chain, ruling out any and all greenwashing. That’s next level transparency and it’s much needed with all the false claims about sustainability in the fashion industry today.

Retraced is developed to help consumers make better choices. It documents every single stakeholder in the supply chain so we can streamline processes, locate risks, monitor sustainability and ultimately gain trust.

Discover how we are being transparent & sustainable from day one! For a long time now, our 5 pillars of sustainability have pinpointed all the areas we take into account; from planet friendly materials to less water use, transport to waste management and fair working conditions. We commit to a pledge: ‘doing it right.’ Retraced provides you with real evidence of our sustainable efforts, because why should you just take our word for it? If you would like to find out more about sustainability at K.O.I, please read through our sustainability report